Sapphire Jones

Burlesque Performer, Actress, Mistress of Ceremonies

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Photo by Bettina May

Photo by Bettina May


Sapphire Jones is a burlesque performer, actress, and mistress of ceremonies, based in New York City. She has been gracing and grinding the stages since 2008. Sapphire likes Sauvignon Blanc, Pomeranians, and Neil Patrick Harris...not necessarily in that order! She has had the honor of performing in a bowling alley for epic NY Times Theater reviewer Charles Isherwood (sheer coincidence), and she could feel her years of theater and Shakespeare training being justified as she bumped and twirled her way across the stage. Sapphire's complete lack of accent skills has helped her be a part of several Nasty Canasta/Wasabassco productions, including King Kong, Macbeth, and Murder Mystery Radio Hour.

She has hosted countless shows at City Winery New York (named one of the top ten Burlesque shows in the world) for several years running, as well as continues to host and co-produce the City Winery Cabaret at City Winery Atlanta. She can be seen at venues all over New York City and Brooklyn on a regular basis. She can command an intimate gathering of ten people, or two (it's happened), as well as sold out crowds of 300+. She produced and hosted Calliope at The Mirror Room in Lincoln Center at the beginning of 2019. Sapphire hosts the BossAss Bitch Podcast where she has candid conversations with fascinating, scandalous, and intelligent women who should be heard and known! If they ever need a replacement for the fourth hour of the Today Show, she is ready, willing, and able!

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